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Full Version: Guten Tag! Hello! =)
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Guten Tag! Hello people of Aliquam. I would just like to take some time and introduce myself, seeing as I just decided to create a forums account today. Also I'm currently learning German, so I'm going to be implementing some German into this.. if that's okay! 

My name is Autumn (Ich heiße Autumn), I am 15 years old (Ich bin 15 Jahre alt), and I am of course female. XD I love anime, minecraft, food, cats, and music! (Ich liebe Anime, Minecraft, Essen, Katzen, und Musik!) My favourite band at the current moment is Motionless in White, and my favourite singer at the current moment is Hatsune Miku! My favourite anime is Black Butler, oh and so is the anime, Another! 

I have a cat (Ich habe eine Katze), her name is Kendra and she is so cute! She is black and white! (Schwarz und weiß). I also would love to one day be able to have a pet crow, and maybe a pet tarantula. Although, it's probably almost impossible to have a pet crow, and I guess having a pet tarantula would be easy. I also like creepypasta, but not as much anymore. I used to be extremely obsessed, but it's not that bad now.

I'm kind of shy at first, but once you really get to know me I'm a bit crazy and outgoing. I'm a highschool student, 9th grade to be exact. My favourite subject has to be English.. and my foreign language class, Deutsch II (German II). I can't really think of much to talk about now... so, I guess that's it! Bye! (Tschüss!)
Pleased to meet you and hope to see you around on the server. I hope you're enjoying learning German. Both crows and tarantulas make for interesting pets. I have had one but not the other and I'll leave that for you to decide which is which.
Welcome to the forums :3