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Full Version: I'm a noob and I made a mistake
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I've been on the server on and off for months building with my friend PinkUni, all we've done is plan a layout and make a few unfinished buildings, but it took a really long time to plan everything. Since it'd been months since I created the plot, I completely forgot which one of us owned the plot. I was fiddling around with the plot settings and the creation system to see the options (I thought the commands popping up and hovering looked cool and was exploring the different commands), because I thought I was in the clear, (I assumed the plot was my friend's instead of mine, go me. Hindsight is 20/20 and I realized I should have checked to see which one of us owned the plot before I messed with anything.) and I cleared the entire plot. Is there a way to reverse my stupidity and get the old plot back? Thanks.
How did you manage to confirm it anyway? Anyway, plot is restored.