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[EN] Set of Rules - Aliquam - jeikobu__ - 18 Jun 2015

  1. Joining’s Creative server (the Server) by a non-banned player with his one and only Minecraft account (the Player) means that the Player has acknowledged with the rules set beneath and accepted them.
  2. Only Server Administrators with the Administrator rank on forums (the Administration Board) can change these rules.
  3. Administration Board is obliged to inform Players about every rules change.
  4. Content created by players on the Server (the Original Content) cannot be requested to be removed if Player cannot remove it by himself.
  5. Any staff member with the rank of Assistant or higher (the Staff) isn’t responsible for actions made by users.
  6. In any case, every Administrator can change the Staff’s decision. Furthermore, if rules doesn’t contain the selected subject, the decision belongs to the Administration Board.
  7. Messages and commands sent by our players are logged and they can be checked in real-time or in the future. 
  1. Players are prohibited from:
    1. Propagating communism, fascism, racism, sexism, nationalism or any other controversial ideologies. 
      We’re an international community being tolerant for everyone, regardless of their views, age, nation, race or sex. We want to avert any wars between our community members.
    2. Spamming. This includes flooding (also with commands like /tpa), relogging to spam the chat with connect/disconnect messages, overusing capslock or chat colours (if available), attention seeking and forcing dramas.
    3. Griefing. We absolutely hate griefers with a passion. Destroying others’ constructions ends with a permanent ban.
    4. Plagiarism, including copying builds from the Internet, from another player or from the server-wide projects like the Medieval map or the Spawn.
    5. Being mean. Using excessive inappropriate language or abusing another player(s) verbally is a big no-no. It doesn’t matter if it’s a player or an admin – being nice is very important to us since it creates a positive atmosphere on the server. Bypassing the censor to use permablocked words will result in appropriate punishment.
    6. Advertising. You won’t be killed for saying another server’s name once by accident, but spamming with your favourite server’s name throughout the server will guarantee you a big, fat permaban.
    7. Sending gore, pornographic content and similar. This does include porn terminology. The rule is simple: if you wouldn’t show it to your child as a parent, don’t send it on the global chat.
    8. Trolling. Nobody likes to be trolled in the negative way. Don’t do it and we’ll be happy! 
    9. Roleplaying on public. Any form of roleplay has to be performed on the private chat.
    10. Creating events. Of course you can make your own mini-events, but you can’t call them “official events”. If you want to help in making official server-wide events, please contact with the Staff and they’ll inform you if we’re making any right now.
    11. Exploiting server and/or client bugs. If you’ll deliberately discover and use bugs against our server, you will be certainly banned. Please report any discovered bugs to the Administration Board.
    12. Causing another players to lag. This does include spamming with known-to-be-lagging items like the End portals.
    13. Creating server-lagging contraptions.
    14. Abusing server plugins, especially WorldEdit, VoxelSniper, AlqRequests and AlqFriends. This also means using more than one account to gain more building space and in-game currency.
  2. Every Staff Member can punish Players for doing things prohibited above.
  3. The punishments list contain:
    1. Warning a player verbally.
    2. Warning a player with /warn. A system warning is valid for seven days. For three valid warnings you’re getting kicked, for four – muted for one hour, for five – muted for one day and for six – banned for one day.
    3. Kicking a player.
    4. Muting a player. Staff can mute players for up to three days. Administration Board can mute a player indefinitely.
    5. Banning a player. Staff up to Junior Moderator can ban people for up to three days. Moderators, Senior
      Moderators and Administrators can ban people indefinitely.
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