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Title: Sorry.
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Hello Staff and Members of Aliquam.

My name is Isak, but you'll most likely know me as Iimk_.

As many of you i am probably one of the most rude and mean players on this server, and why i have not been banned yet is a miracle to me.

I am deeply sorry for my behaviour, and what troubles i have caused you. I know that most of staff has some kind of troubles with me, and if not for Feriach, i would've never realised it was that bad.

Words cannot describe the feeling i have in my chest right now, after Feriach gave me a wake-up.
I am not asking for your forgiveness, because i know that it is long gone with most of you players and staff. I am simply put asking that you understand, and if you can find it in your hearts to try and start over with me in terms of patience, i would appreciate it greatly. You may do whatever you want. Starting over will be hard, but i am working my best towards being more friendly, and if you ever feel i have done wrongs towards you or someone else, tell me. Honestly, do tell me because how else am i supposed to know. I usually say whatever i want to because none tells me that it is wrong. I come from a enviroment where its alot of that (Don't care what others say about you, because you are the best in the world). And yes, i am the best in the whole wide world, atleast thats what i think about myself.

But i am honestly sincerely sorry. I will do my upmost best at being more friendly and less of a HUGE PAIN IN THE ARSE!

My sincerest apologies.
Thank you for this. Good luck with turning a new leaf. Smile
Welcome to the server again, then, new Iimk_.! Big Grin
Each block you place represents the drops of sweat you lost to build your masterpiece. -A snowman in Imagination City.

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