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Title: "How can I support the server?"
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From time to time players wonder, how they can support our server more; so we have come up with this handy list of things you could do to help us out!

  1. Donate!
    As you probably know, the server is being paid from our own money. It would be nice if you would consider a donation to help us pay our server costs.
  2. Tell your friends about us!
    Word of mouth is one of the most powerful means of getting new players. Moreover, you can get alqPoints for it! Just copy your /reflink and send it to your friends!
  3. Put our banner on your profile on Minecraft related sites!
    Show everyone that you support our server! Put this banner: https://forums.aliquam.org/showthread.php?tid=383 On your profile page. You can also tell people to join with your /reflink!
  4. Tell your subscribers/followers that you build on our server!
    You can help us by bringing more people to our server! Just tag @AliquamCreative when you are tweeting your builds on Twitter. If you post your builds on http://www.planetminecraft.com/, be sure to put a tag “[Aliquam]” in the title and link to our server PMC page: http://www.planetminecraft.com/server/aliquam/ . Make sure to tell us about it so we could add it to the server’s collection: http://www.planetminecraft.com/collectio...am-builds/ Don't forget to let your audience in the YouTube community know about Aliquam as well!Basically just tell everyone where you are playing and building!
  5. Vote on the voting sites!
    Help us by setting the server higher on the server lists! To see all voting sites, do /vote.
  6. Feature our server on your PlanetMinecraft profile!
    Recently, PlanetMinecraft has updated the profiles. You can now feature submissions on your profile! Just go to http://www.planetminecraft.com/server/aliquam/ and click on “Feature on my profile page” button on the right side, just under the photo gallery!
  7. Follow us on Twitter, like, and retweet our tweets!
    Be sure to follow https://twitter.com/AliquamCreative and retweet for higher visibility!
  8. Add our server to favourites and give it a diamond on PlanetMinecraft!
    It is just that simple! If you have a PlanetMinecraft account, be sure to give our server a diamond and add it to your favourites to show everyone that you like it!
  9. Give us a positive server review!
    You can tell everyone how you feel about our server by writing or recording a review of our server! For example: You can post your written review here: http://www.planetminecraft.com/resources/blogs/review/ 
  10. Give us feedback!
    We are not always right and perfect. Your feedback and constructive criticism helps us grow as staff and community alike. Post your suggestions here: https://forums.aliquam.org/forumdisplay.php?fid=24
  11. Join the staff!
    We are a peaceful community, and are always looking for players who want to contribute towards maintaining a friendly environment for everyone.
  12. Welcome and help the new players!
    Nobody likes to be the new guy, make them feel at home straight away. Answer their questions and show them around if you have time.
  13. Join our Discord and be fully involved in our community!
    Want to voice chat while you build? Discord is a great platform to socialize without having to stop your building. http://discord.aliquam.org/ is Aliquam’s Discord server. You can also join with this invitation: https://discord.gg/aDysm2a
  14. Build awesome things and share them!
    Invite your friends to your world to view. Take screenshots with spiffy shaders and share with people you know. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and PlanetMinecraft are just a few places you could share your creations at. We’re sure you could think of many more.
  15. Be a model citizen
    Follow our rules and guidelines. There’s plenty of fun you can have within the boundaries outlined therein without ruining it for other people.
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