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Title: Some of my suggestions
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None of these will probably be implemented, but I'll suggest anyways! Lol.

1. Fix the redstone! It's so incredibly broken. I understand that the server isn't redstone-based, that's fine. A lot of builds, however, rely on redstone elements like a light fixture or a piston door. In my experience, I can't do either. I've built the same things outside of the server and they work perfectly, but not on the server. (By the way, only the chat and plot access settings have been changed, so that can't be it.) 

2. Why aren't we updated to 1.13.2? It isn't Spigot. Other servers operating on Spigot have already updated. I want turtles!

3. When a player changes their name, they lose access to their plots unless they add their new name as an admin or member. I've changed my name twice, and only 2 of my old worlds are accessible simply because I forgot to make them private. Why not fix that?

4. Would there ever be a system like the Head Data Base for custom maps? It would be better to access stuff like that easier than how you can now.
1,2,3 would require a complete rewrite of our core plugins, it is not something we can do "just like that" considering castro do not have time at the moment do rewrite the whole system. We will do it at some point but not in the nearest(a couple months) future.
4. Custom maps work different to heads, there is a limit on how much maps there can be atm.
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