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Title: To whom it may concern
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It has come to my attention that I have not yet officially introduced myself here, and that error shall promptly be corrected.
My name is Shadean207 (call me Shade if you want), I am currently a Moderator on the Aliquam server. My online times are limited due to me currently working in semi-unpredictable shifts, but starting September 2019, I will probably become more of a regular.
Since September 2017 I  have been a staff member, and never have I come to regret this decision. The Aliquam community in general is quite likeable Smile
Towards my person: I am from Germany, Cologne specifically (the city with the enormous cathedral smack in the middle of it), but I have enough knowledge of the english language to almost completely ignore the language barrier. I love reading as well as writing in my free time, videogames, taking long walks, and spending any kind of time with friends, online or real life. Usually, as you may already know, I am quite a chill dude, up for many jokes, but I don't like rulebreakers. So you can joke with me all you like, but if you start insulting anyone, you're on my bad side.
Additional stuff: I am tall (as in 197 cm or 6'6''). I like manga and anime (mostly manga though) and most modern superhero movies. I like music in the rock/metal/alternative genre (e.g. Nickelback, Three Days Grace, Sabaton, Shinedown to name a few). If any of you want to know more or just want to talk, feel free to contact me when I'm on the server. Or discord (Shadean207#5143).
Looking forward to working/playing with all of you.
Best regards, Shadean207

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