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Title: Stupid Staff
Thank you for your really constructive feedback, entitled "Stupid Staff". (That and spamming throughout the whole board gets you banned from the forums, FYI.) Anyways, I'm going to respond to those pointless and stupid accusations.

Racist? We're far from being racist. We're not banning anybody because of his skin colour, nationality, religion or whatever else. The guy got punished not because he was using another language; he was punished because he used it on the English chat. The English chat should be used to talk in English. Nobody will ever be punished for speaking in another language in private chat or on private chat channel on this server.

We actually realised that people are different. That's why it's forbidden to start tough talks, e.g. about politics, religion or similar. We want a peaceful chat that actually tolerates everybody, but not by prioritising minorities over majorities; we just don't want to have any fights on our chat.

As I said before in this post, you're getting permanently banned from the forums. You've caused enough problems on this board today.

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Stupid Staff - by JakeThePro1014 - 11 Dec 2015, 11:22 PM
RE: Stupid Staff - by jeikobu__ - 12 Dec 2015, 12:50 AM

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