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Title: List of Suggestions!
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I have a few suggestions for my one and only favorite server, Aliquam! I organized these 8 suggestions in order of importance from 1/5 to 5/5.

Number 1 is the most important, all the way down to the least important!

1. Ability to make your own kits. (5/5)
This would be especially useful for people that use redstone a lot. When building games and stuff like that, I use a lot of redstone. But I have to press E to get the repeaters, the torches, the comparators, etc. But moments later, I need other tools! It would be really useful to have a command that makes a kit out of the 9 items you have in your hot bar.

2. Ability to see "Your playtime today." (4/5)
This would be useful because I stay on the server for long periods of time and would like to know how long I've played in that one day. I know there are gametrackers to keep track of the total time you've played in a day, but hey! Why not have it right under your total /playtime when you do that command?

3. Ability to see AFK members with /who, /list, or the TAB button. (4/5)
Sometimes I wanna know who's AFK or not, and I know I could use /msg to see if they are, but a quicker and more efficient way would be being able to see AFK players by using /who or by pressing the TAB buttons. Maybe marking [AFK] next to their names? Or underlining AFK players or their names can be in a certain color  when they're AFK!

4. Auto [EN] chat subscription. (3/5)
Whenever I'm private I always stay subscribed to the public chat so I can see what goes on. But when I leave to a public world, and back to a private world, I'm not subscribed to the public chat so I'd have to do /mc sub en again! It'd be good if I could stay subscribed instead of having to do the command. Big Grin

5. /playtimetop (3/5)
I went through the forums and I saw Clerisa's post (https://forums.aliquam.org/showthread.php?tid=172) and I thought, "Hey! I also had this idea!" It would be awesome to see people's playtime for curiosity just how you can see their balance and votes!

6. 12 hour time. (3/5)
Some people can't read 24-hour time. For example, "It's 14:25." I can read both 12 and 24-hour times, but 12-hour time is easier for me to understand since I look at the clock a lot. It would be nice if you had an option to switch between the two!

7. Two-color limit for nicks. (2/5)
One color is good enough, but maybe two colors in a nickname aren't that bad! I would love to have "Its" in dark yellow, and "MrFlippy" in light yellow! It would be nice to be able to use two colors in a nickname so people can be more creative with their colors but don't overuse colors with the limit. Smile

8. Notification to players who send a message to the EN or PL chat without being subscribed to them. (2/5)
There have been times where some of my friends aren't subscribed to the public chat channel but they do the prefix "$" and send a message to the public chat without them even knowing it! Maybe there could be a message that says when you sent a message to the public chat and you're not subscribed to it.

That's about it for now! Thanks for taking the time to read and have a good day/night!
Each block you place represents the drops of sweat you lost to build your masterpiece. -A snowman in Imagination City.
(1) This seems to be a nice idea and I already have a vision for making it easy to use. It might be added as a new option in our shop.

(2) This one might be tricky to add but we'll think about it. I wouldn't expect it to show anytime soon since we're very time-constrained.

(3) There were (and are) plans to add it, but somehow it didn't pass into the production phase. It certainly won't be added to [TAB] list as it's already bloated enough but /who? It's certainly possible.

(4) This seems to be a misbehaviour of our Chat plugin. I'm gonna look into it next Saturday.

(5) Doable.

(6) 24 hour time is an international standard; we're not an American server but an international one. I understand that a big part of our playerbase is American but rest of the world looks at the time the other way. Also, this would require us to change massive amounts of code. If you can talk me into it I may look into it but I'm pretty reluctant on that.

(7) I can't see this working. It doesn't look to be that easy to implement without allowing players to change the nicknames which we don't want.

(8) Again, seems to be a bug. It shouldn't be possible to do that without being subscribed.


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