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Title: Chat management
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I've been on Aliquam for some time now, and I must say you have a good community and some nice people. 
To start off I want to state clearly that this is not me whining, and if that's how it comes out then I'm sorry, but it's supposed to be me giving some feedback on how I and some of the players I've talked with experiences the chat and how the rules are upheld. I'm not asking for the rules to be changed, but I'm asking the staff managing the rules to think through my points in this post. 

I feel the way the chat is being managed is  too overprotective. I totally understand the fact that you like a clean chat without flood, spam, caps, and that you want your chat child-friendly without arguments, cursewords etc. That I am completely fine with.

What I am here to give critisism on, is how it has gotten to a point where I, and the couple of people I've spoken with, who usually enjoys chatting and talking, feels discouraged to take up any conversation because it usually ends up in getting shut down by a moderator in one way or another. (I know this just sounds like we're the villains not sticking to the rules, but hear me out)

For instance, a couple of weeks ago, I was discussing in a friendly matter with another player about how to terraform the best - voxel, or all by hand. It was a fun discussion without any intrigues or bad moods, but I was still awarded with a warning and being told to stop the discussion. This simply annoys me as a guy who enjoys simple discussions and different perspectives.

I will also mention the "no flood/caps" part of the ruleset you have.
I do understand that this rule in theory will keep the chat prettier, but that's not what you achieve by shutting down a guy logging in and saying "heyyy" as a login-message. This may be because he's in a happy mood or because he just forgets the rules for a second, but being warned for it is completely unnesseccary - instead of making the chat cleaner, you're making everyone see a big message in slimy-green and white about how this person has been warned for his "bad behaviour". The same goes for caps-lock, as it can come in handy at certain points if there has been a misunderstanding etc, and you have to highlight a word to make your message clearer.
And on top of that, the "offender" might recieve a tempmute or a kick for it, even if it is ~7 days since his other warnings.

This system discourages many people to participate in the chat. What I want to achieve, is that you think through these couple of things:
-Before warning someone; do they really deserve a warning, or was it simply them not trying to
A: make a sentence clearer
B: Set a happy mood
C: discuss something without conflict
-Reduce the "active" duration on warnings, OR handle out verbal warnings for minor mistakes instead
-Try to only stop discussions which are actually heated, instead of shutting down lots of activity in the chat because there's a chance of it possibly becoming a heated argument/somebody getting offended.

I'm really enjoying my time on Aliquam, but this is the biggest draw-backs I'm experiencing. I hope you take this serious and that you leave a proper reply on if you're going to make changes/look into it or not. There are some members that I have talked to that has had enough of these happenings, and a few even feels like they want to quit the server because of it. I could've mentioned more instances for the different points, but I wanted to limit this post to an easily-readable lenght.

Best Regards,
Thank you for your constructive criticism. In the next week we(the whole staff) will be having a talk about the rules and how to enforce them.
I will try to keep you guys informed about the results of the discussion.
Best regards,
[Image: ALQBlackWF.svg]
Server Co-owner | Public Relations Manager

Contact me @ Discord: Feriach#5440
We instructed our staff to use more verbal warnings for incidental flood/spam/caps; however, notorious violations of our rules are not tolerated and will result in warnings in our system. If you have any input on how staff works after our changes, please let us know - we really value constructive input on how Aliquam should look.
Best regards,
[Image: ALQBlackWF.svg]
Server Co-owner | Public Relations Manager

Contact me @ Discord: Feriach#5440

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