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Title: [EN] AlqChat v2.3 - Merger is up!
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We've just dispatched an update which adds a long-promised chat merger which allows you to merge multiple private chats into one big private discussion! It's fairly easy to use, at least I think so ;p The commands are:

/mc merge <nickname>: Sends a request for merging chat.
/mc accept | /mc deny: Accepts or denies the last request.
/mc unmerge <nickname>: Deletes the merging with the player.

If you want to merge more than two plots and you want everybody to see the messages, you need to do multiple merges. Example: Players A, B and C want to see each other's private chats. They need to do three merges: A need to do /mc merge B, B needs to do /mc merge C and C has to do /mc merge A. It may be made easier in future versions; due to complicated nature of channel chaining this isn't the priority.

There you have it - a fully-working merging system which will allow you to widen your discussions! I hope it'll come useful.


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