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Title: About me and I ♡
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Im Educov, a handsome guy. The end.


Okay now serious xD

So im Educov, A guy from a Latin country, my main language is spanish but I've always have a fascination with the English. Probs the reason because I know more english than 80% of the dudes in my last school. (Even tho I make horrible mistakes sometimes~) Atm I live in a tiny little island (Not hawaii or something like that, its a... small, unknow island.. Yeah xD)

~~I like to play mc and Im very friendly \^-^/ I like to build a lot and I can be a good friend if you give me the opportunity to be one of your friends ^^~~

Im weird.. in the good way >.¤, a weird creativity, I have tons of ideas and stuff that I want to do and all kind of things just floating in my mind that I think about and its just insane, if someone could go in my mind for 1 second, they would pukr rainbows forever. Ima give you a clue, Im studying programming currently ;-)

I'm happy to be here in aliquam and you guys will see a lot of posts from me ^^ thanks!

Special Dude
Minecraft... player (its something)

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