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Title: [EN] Rules in a Nutshell - Aliquam
Our rules set is too long and too complicated for players to even attempt to read it. Unfortunately, our official rules set has to be so since we must prevent any overinterpretations. That’s why we’re coming out with our rules set in a nutshell.

1.    Don’t be mean. It doesn’t matter if it’s a player or an admin – being nice is very important to us since it creates a positive atmosphere on the server.
2.    No griefing. We absolutely hate griefers with a passion. Destroying others’ constructions ends with a permanent ban.
3.    Don’t beg for ranks. It simply does not work – nobody from staff will like it, trust us. If you want your constructions to be checked, ask a staff member or make a modreq.
4.    Read our /help. Most of your questions are answered there thoroughly, and it’s feasible you’ll be redirected there anyway.
5.    Don’t spam.  It includes flooding, overusing capslock and advertising other servers. We don’t like it out here!
6.    Roleplay only on plots with private chat. It’s not like we hate roleplayers – it just generates too much messages on global chat. We’d really appreciate it!
7.    No communism, fascism, racism, nationalism etc. We’re an international community with different people of different ages and views. Everybody are equal here, and we don’t want any ideology wars.
8.    Don’t cheat and/or abuse bugs. We’d like you to report any bugs you’ve found, though – we really appreciate your feedback!
9.   No trolling. Let’s be honest - nobody likes to be trolled. So don’t do it, and everybody’ll be happy!
10. No excessive profane language/swearing. Using  excessive inappropriate language, especially when directed towards an individual, is strictly forbidden on our server to maintain a healthy positive community for everyone
11.  No gore, porn, Rule34 etc. We just don’t want those things here - as we said, we're not an adult server. There are other places for it.
12. Don't seek attention. We really like that you're sociable, but some things should stay private. If you want to share your problems, please do it on private chat.
13. Listen to our staff. They're not here to do harm to you, and if they're warning you it means that you should reconsider your behaviour.
14. No stalking/harrasing. Creeping out our players is really uncool - remember that they don't need to be as old as you, so you can scare them really bad even if you didn't mean that.
15. No plagiarism/builds from Internet. Your work has to be original, and even if you got ranked up you can get instantly banned as soon as we discover that you cheated on us.

Aliquam Creative is not affiliated with Mojang AB or Microsoft.

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