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Title: 5 Phrases You Didn't Think You'd Ever Hear
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Ah, 2017. As humanity advances so does the science of technology. As technology advances, we tend to forget old phrases and come up with new ones, thus, we end up having phrases you'd never think you'd hear a few years ago. Here are five examples of this scenario:

"My watch is performing a software update."
I remember when my watch didn't have any kind of software or updates 6 years ago, it was just plain old second hand and minute hand technology. I can see a future where toasters will include a free anti-virus program when you buy the latest ToasterOS.

"What's your hotspot password?"
10 years ago, did you ever think a mobile phone would be able to wirelessly share access to the World Wide Web with a few taps on the screen? I surely didn't, but I'm very glad it exists.

"I'm getting a 2-Terabyte hard drive for $70 tomorrow."
And to think that a few decades ago a hard drive was the size of a big refrigerator that could carry an impressive 5 MB of data.

"Do you have a 256 GB Micro SD card I can borrow?"
Similar to the previous phrase, it makes you wonder how scientists never thought of inventing a device the size of your index finger that could fit 1024 times more megabytes than a huge 250 MB hard drive from the late 70s. I can assure you that it was something you couldn't share if you owned one.

"I'm buying the car that has the built-in GPS system."
I'm sure that not more than a decade ago, a GPS was expensive and it did not come pre-installed in your car. Now that we do have this technology advancement, your friends always ask you, "why doesn't your car have a GPS installed?"

These are some of many phrases that will make any old-time person say, "what are you talking about?" We can be truly sure that the future holds bigger technology advancements and that one day we will know "SmartPhones" as "HumanoidPhones" and you will one day be holding a 10-Terabyte Micro SD card on your pinky finger as the 1-Terabyte Micro SD cards become obsolete.

Whether you want to like this future or not is up to you, but I surely want to see what humanity can come up with next. Who knows? Maybe in a few years or so we won't need our phones to call a loved one 6000 miles away.

What other crazy latest-generation phrases can you think of? Big Grin
Each block you place represents the drops of sweat you lost to build your masterpiece. -A snowman in Imagination City.
no, as a raging millennial I only obey to the most freshest of the trends. I have never thought of the past. #Millennials
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I thought I would never hear the words "colour television", yeess, I remember the '40s well...
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