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Title: Hey! Guess who's gone?
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Hint: I am.

Starting today, all of the development I did for Aliquam is officially halted indefinitely. I resign from all of my staff positions except for the Owner rank; mainly because I still am a co-owner. This does not mean that I remain a staff member, though.

What this means for the server is that none of my plugins will get any new features in the forseeable future. I will still provide critical bugfixes for my solutions; minor bugs will be fixed only on Castro and Feriach's request.

I've prepared a small FAQ for people concerned about this change.

Question: Will you come back?
Answer: I honestly don't know. Maybe. I already departed and came back once, so it's not impossible.

Q: Why are you doing this?
A: Personal reasons. 

Q: Should I be bothered? Will Aliquam die in hell's fire?
A: No.

Q: Can you add <insert feature here> to <insert plugin here>?
A: No.

Q: Will your plugins be available publicly?
A: My work is owned by Aliquam: if guys will decide to share them, they will be.

Q: Hey, you were a nice guy! Can I talk to you or will you kill me on sight?
A: Well, except for the fact that nobody would ask that... yeah, sure! I'm always happy to talk to some nice people. Please message me on Discord and I'll probably answer.

Q: Who's Castro?
A: Castro is an AI that we created. It's still pretty buggy, though.


I would like to thank everybody who helped me during my adventure with Aliquam, especially to staff members and my fellow co-owners; and of course to all of our players. See ya!
Sad Nooo

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