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Title: Assistant Applicarion
Thread Modes
[list][*]Nickname: WestRocket [short West]

[*]Why you should be in our staff: I want to help people on the server and make the server a better
place for players to express there creaitivity,Feeling,And Problems In ther life.

[*]Experience if any: I have a Builder Rank And working on a advbuilder rank.

[*]Are you in another servers' staff, if so where: No, I Have Not.

[*]What timezone are you living in: Sunrise 6:20 Sunset: 75:53 [new Orleans Time Zone]
(not were i live)
[*]How much time can you spend daily on watching over the server: 1-3 hours[week days] 1-5 hours[weekends]

[*]Somebody's overusing capslock on the chat - what do you do: Poltitly ask them to stop Using Caps If
They keep using caps give a warning [Maximum of tree warnings] if still using caps temp mute or temp ban [depeneding on the players

[*]Somebody's begging for rankup - what do you do: Ask them to stop begging and say build you plot up
so you can get a rank if they dont and keep begging i would give them a warning [Maximu of three warnings] and if they contune
temp mute or temp ban [deoending on the actions]

[*]Something about yourself, it doesn't have to be long: I love Aliquam It the Only Creative Server
TThat I realy enjoy, i love the Nice Freindly People Of aliquam, i feel as Aliguam is a family Of
Friends and staff members That Understand what it  means to exprees creativity.

[*]Additional: Hope to Hear From yall soon.
Ive been On The server for atlest a year now so im famililair With the people that play aliquam.

With the majority of the staff votes you've been approved for recruitment! Congratulations! We will contact you regarding the next step of recruitment.
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Server Co-owner | Public Relations Manager

Contact me @ Discord: Feriach#5440

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