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Title: [EN] Set of Rules - Forums & Shoutbox
General rules
   1.      Every Aliquam.org user is free to use our forum and all of its functions.
   If you’re not a user of our server, you can’t register.
   2.      Do not use usernames not complying with those rules.
   3.      Don’t dig out old topics.
   Topic is recognised as dead after 30 days. If you’ll post in topics older than this threshold, you can be suspended.
   4.      You can have only one account on our forums.
   There are no exceptions from this rule. If you’re banned, you can protest at contact@aliquam.org or on our server.
Note that every rule of this rules set is applying to whole board, including but not limited to PMs, avatars, signatures, shoutbox, posts, threads, profile fields etc.

Every user is prohibited from:
   1.      Trolling. We’re not accepting trolling in any ways from anybody.
   2.      Propagating communism, fascism, racism, sexism or nationalism. We’re an international community being tolerant for everyone, regardless of their views, age, nation, race or sex. We want to avert any wars between our community members.
   3.      Providing links to sites with illegal content. Pirated software is strongly disallowed here. We’re also not helping people with illegal copy of Minecraft, as our servers are in online mode.
   4.      Plagiarism. We’re respecting intellectual property of other people, and we want you to do so.
   5.      Posting tasteless content. Any kind of pornography, gore, furry, hentai, Rule34 or similar goes straight to recycle bin.
   6.      Spamming. This includes flooding, overusing BBCode, advertising without Admin’s agreement, creating one-line posts, doubleposting or bumping.
   7.      Sending personal data of other players without their agreement. This includes names, addresses, phone numbers etc.
   8.      Modifying staff’s annotations. Those are permanent.
   9.      Replying in abuse/report threads that doesn’t concern you. If you’re a witness of a situation, describe it; otherwise don’t reply there.

Attachment rules:
   1.      Use external hosts. Try not to use our internal attachment system since it’s not very reliable. We suggest using Imgur for images and Dropbox for files.
   2.      Remember the rules! Every image must comply with the rules above.
   3.      Don’t break the page. Image will be deleted if it’s too big to fit on the page.

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