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Title: Assistant App.
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  • Nickname: Tillthen

  • Why you should be in our staff: I have been part of the community for 3 years now, and I know almost everyone here. I am a really friendly person, and I would love to be able to join aliquam staff.

  • Experience if any: I have a big experience with helping other players, that get a little confused and need help, because earlier I was one or two times in another server's staff.

  • Are you in another servers' staff, if so where: No.

  • What timezone are you living in: CET (Central European Timezone)

  • How much time can you spend daily on watching over the server: About 3 to 4 hours, if my private life won't need me somewhere else. (It mostly doesn't Smile )

  • Somebody's overusing capslock on the chat - what do you do: First of all, I would ask them to stop; If that won't work, I would warn them for their action; If that still wouldn't give any effects, they would get muted for about half an hour.

  • Somebody's begging for rank up - what do you do: Well, the aliquam server's main theme is building, so I would explain to them how does the rank-up system work. 

  • Something about yourself, it doesn't have to be long: I am Piotr Wyrwas (Tillthen). I natively am from Poland,
  • but now, I live in Austria in a smaller village near Vienna. I am interested in programming and architecture, and I love to play Minecraft or GMod.

  • Additional: Um ... I really like to laugh ... even though this application does not reflect it so well  Smile 
    And one question more: If I won't be sure about something as a new staff member, may I ask the experienced staff?
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With the majority of the staff votes your application has been denied.

Please note that this decision is definitive. You can make a new application in 6 months.
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Server Co-owner | Public Relations Manager

Contact me @ Discord: Feriach#5440

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