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Title: Ban appeal
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Hello, roughly 3 and a half years ago i was banned off of this server for my immaturity.
I had filed 2 ban appeals so far, both within a rather short period of time from the ban, and i would like to try again, 3 years on. I was 13 when i was playing on this server, and i didn't necessarily take into account the consequences of my actions. From what i can remember I was insulting people constantly and spamming the chat, in general acting like a prick. I am now turning 17, and am appealing for an unban, to re-live the great experience that was time on this server. 

Note : I understand i have been banned from the forums for applying too frequently, however i had last applied in November of 2016, and i hope you may excuse my creation of a new account for this, as i had no way of contacting you otherwise.

Once again, my most sincere apologies and deepest regrets for my past actions, -Pepstein.
With much deliberation by senior staff it has been decided your appeal has been denied. You will not be unbanned. May this serve as a life lesson, and good luck to you wherever you go.

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