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Title: JrMod Application 2.0: Kirbee
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  • I have copy-pasted my past, accepted application, as said to do so by two existing Staff members. I have updated the application where need be.
  • Nickname: Kirbee

  • Why you should be in our staff: I believe I am an eligible candidate for staff based upon my maturity, for the most part. I know my rights from wrongs and rights from lefts. I am overall friendly and silly at times, but serious when needed. I understand the basic rules of the server and what is acceptable and asked of players. I understand my way around the server’s commands, so I can help players with their problems as prompted. Putting myself in players' shoes is a rule I personally always follow. To be respected by players, you have to act like a player. I know from experience, that citizens of a server only listen to you if you're understanding and as helpful as you can be. This goes with whether or not the Staff member is busy. I tend to go by the rule I see in everyday life; "The customer is always right." Secondly, I have a passion for helping and constantly being as nice as humanly possible. Even if I have had a crummy day, that all changes when I log onto this wonderful server, Aliquam, or as I secretly call it: Quam Quam. I realized that if you're depressed or furious, that upsets the people around you. Having a positive community is key. Thirdly, support. I support the server by voting and donating when I get money. I don't do it out of greed or wanting more worldedit limits; I do it out of my own self wanting to support the server that I love. Of course, the trails and beautiful gold star are perks that I severely enjoy, but to me, those are merely bonuses of doing something that I love to do. I support all players in a positive way. Yes, I am critical when asked of, but most of the time, I have good things to say. And where I see someone needs improvement, I relay some advice (if asked) that they have the option to take or not. My advice is never executed in a negative or harmful way!

  • Experience if any: I am very experienced in the field of staff. In my life of Minecraft, I can't honestly remember ever being a "normal" player, except for the time that I resigned from Aliquam, up until now. I have always been staff as far as my brain can recall (I have played since the 15th of June, 2011.). To start with, I have been a Moderator on a server that went by, Dharkscrest. This was a survival server mixed in with claiming. It’s nothing like factions. My Moderatorship lasted for a few months, but sadly the server was shut down due to lack of funds. Keep in mind though, I was a proud member of that server for over a year. Another server I have been staff on was a server called Blacklotus. This server also shut down after two or three years of existence. This server was a factions / bending server. I was asked to apply for Helper after a year and a half of playing, which I then did. Instantly, I was accepted and later promoted to Moderator. After the server shut down, a year later, a new owner brought it back from the dead and promoted me straight to Moderator. After another lack of funds, it perished. The final major server I have been staff on went by the name of D****aft, and later W****aft (censored because the server still exists (Updated: I am not exactly sure if it still does, but it is best to censor it to be safe.). I played on this server for five years. Staff recommended me to become a member of their team. The owner talked to me and later promoted me. Keep in mind, I didn't want to become staff but did it for the good of the server because that's what they needed. I was promoted to Moderator, which I stayed in that position for a year and a half. Later, I was unexpectedly promoted to Administrator and Community Manager. I learned a lot on this server, such as coding, commands, and other useful skills. I even aided in making the Forums website and constructed the Staff Application Center completely by myself. I had a record of thoroughly reviewing fifty applications for staff within forty-eight hours. I provided tons of help and memorizes for players, along with ideas and stress relief for the owner. I resigned from this server and joined Aliquam as a normal player. D****aft reached over 2,000 players in its early days, making this the server with most players I have ever been staff on. Back to the topic of support. I supported each server by being the highest donator. I have been staff on about seven other servers, but they were private or with low player count, so I did not list them. (These positions consisted of Moderator and Administrator only.)

  • Are you in another servers' staff, if so where: Currently, I am not staff on any server.

  • What timezone are you living in: I live in the timezone of EST.

  • How much time can you spend daily on watching over the server: I can spend pretty much any amount of time that is needed of me. I don’t attend college at the moment, so I am free most of the time, give or take times where I have to run errands, though. Typically, I try to spend multiple hours a day dedicated to building and helping others wherever I can.

  • Somebody's overusing capslock on the chat - what do you do: If the player has already been verbally warned, I would simply </warm <username> Capslock.>. If this is the player's first offence, I would verbally warn them: "Hey <username>, please try not to use caps. Thank you!"
    Updated: I believe that the server now has an anti-capslock plugin that removes the enabled use of excessive capslock, so I do not believe this will be much of a problem anymore. However, if it is, I will refer to my methods above, unless told otherwise by Staff member.

  • Somebody's begging for rankup - what do you do: If the player is not spamming, I would politely ask them to not beg for a rank and tell them how they can achieve a rank. This consists of </help builds> and </help ranks>. Patience is key. If they continue repetitively, a verbal warning, and then later a command warning, would have to be given.

  • Something about yourself, it doesn't have to be long: I am currently almost 21 years old. I was born in Italy, so naturally, my native language is Italian. However, being away from my homeland for so long, I am beginning to lose the language. My plot is composed of the style of Italy’s suburban and city life, along with Italian words scattered all over the world labeling what is what. I was promoted to Familiar the day that had I applied for staff previously. I am still currently Familiar (and Friend), but am working on my Builder build, and hopefully soon, my Advbuilder build. I was adopted into the United States when I was three. I have had a few jobs in my past. As an update from my last application, I am on page 114 of my book.

  • Additional: I am very well liked by most of the players on Aliquam. I have become friends with most of the staff and tend to keep it that way. I have over thirty-two hours of playtime, which increases everyday. I have also never been banned on Aliquam or any other server. However, I do have two warns that have since expired.
    I am very happy and hoping that I get to be a part of the Staff Team once again!

<3 Kirbee
With the majority of the staff votes you've been approved for recruitment! Congratulations! We will contact you regarding the next step of recruitment.
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