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Title: Staff Application 2020
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Nickname: Snuggie
Why you should be in our staff: I have incredible building experience in my almost decades' time 
playing the game. Most recently I've returned to the game after a multi-year hiatus to continue with my 
love for building. There isn't another server I've been on, actually. I've been dedicated to my current
project and will continue to be on those following. I try to give a welcoming experience when I can and
try to become invested in others' projects as well. I've enjoyed my time on Aliquam and hope to spend 
countless more hours building to my hearts content.

Experience if any: Not any as of recent. I've helped start up a few servers in the past along with 
being a contracted builder for large and small servers alike. I used to belong to an unnamed build 
team that specialized in Factions server hubs.

Are you in another servers' staff, if so where:N/A

What timezone are you living in: EST

How much time can you spend daily on watching over the server: 8+ hours, especially with my spring break on the horizon.

Somebody's overusing caps lock on the chat - what do you do: On the odd chance it occurs, a warning will satisfy. If it continues, a temporary mute would be the best option.

Somebody's begging for rank up - what do you do: Refer them to the process of rank-ups and that
reviews of plots for a rank up are determined by server staff. If the begging is incessant in chat,
it would be best to follow the same protocol as with the caps lock spamming.

Something about yourself, it doesn't have to be long: I'm keen on the values of leadership, patience, and friendliness. A fun and welcoming environment rely on a great axis of moderate order
with others around to create a cheery and inviting atmosphere.

Additional: If you're looking for a certain age group, I'm an 18 y/o senior in high school.
Your application does not meet our requirement (Your rank is not Familiar or higher) and therefore is denied.
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Server Co-owner | Public Relations Manager

Contact me @ Discord: Feriach#5440

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