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Title: Application for Assistant
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Nickname: Not_Slim_Mitch

Why you should be in our staff:

Id like to join the staff because because I enjoy the community, and would like to grow with the server,
I would also like to add to the the server in a meaningful way by helping new players with questions and
getting around.

Experience if any:

About 4 years ago I was Co-Owner and programmer for a Star Trek themed server, my job included server
updating, Resource Pack design, Server moderation, and providing new players with info and basic tools to
navigate the server. I also have lots of real world experience in customer service. My real world Job
is Web Design and Graphic development including HTML, CSS, Java scrip, and other web based programming

Are you in another servers' staff, if so where:

Due to the former Star Trek Server based in Germany shutting down 3 years ago I no longer am a staff member on any
Minecraft server, I had stopped playing the game since the server shut down and have only started playing again within
the last few months and that's when I came across this server and started working on all my projects.

What timezone are you living in:
Mountain Daylight Time
Time zone in Alberta (GMT-6) Canada

How much time can you spend daily on watching over the server:

Because I work from home I am able to be on the server for most of the day,
I can put in as much as 8 hours or more each day.

Somebody's overusing capslock on the chat - what do you do:

provide a warning and ask that they not spam the chat if the user begins to abuse the chat system and
continues to break server rules and guide lines possibility of server ban could be put in place.
I believe that people make mistakes and its important to be fair but if people abuse the system then
stronger action must be taken.

Somebody's begging for rankup - what do you do:

Tell them to please read the rules by checking out the /help function and to send an application request
through the Forums for approval.

Something about yourself, it doesn't have to be long:

My Name is Mitch Im 22 years old, I live in Calgary Alberta, Canada im the biggest star trek nerd ever
, Im super easy to get along with and I enjoy being creative.

Thanks for taking the time to read over the application, I hope to hear from you soon.
With the majority of the staff votes you've been approved for recruitment! Congratulations! We will contact you regarding the next step of recruitment.
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