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Title: KingBelenus JrMod Staff Application [2024]
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Why you should be in our staff:
The reason I feel like I should be part of the staff team here on Aliquam is that I feel like I'd be able to help the server out by being a consistent mod that helps the server out on a semi-regular basis when other staff members are unable to log on to help other players. I feel like my sense of maturity has grown over the years to where I can confidently handle any problems that are thrown my way and if I need any assistance I know who to appropriately approach if necessary. I would love to be able to help players out more than I am able to as just a regular player on the server. 

Experience if any:
Minecraft-wise I actually was staff on Aliquam many years ago but stepped down due to personal issues but I'm ready to jump back in and help out again. However, going back to my experience I helped moderate the server as an assistant and even managed a few small 'raids' before having to reach out for additional staff assistance.

Besides Aliquam, I was a staff member on an old server back in 2014-2015 that has unfortunately closed down. On that server I helped ban griefers, banned people who made lag machines and also helped repeatedly ban a player who consistently tried to bypass their IP bans. 

Outside of Minecraft I have owned and moderated a few Discord servers and that allowed me to gain extra experience in handling issues from other people by appropriately muting/kicking/banning people that were causing disruption to the servers. 

Outside of the internet in general, I have worked quite a few customer service jobs where I have had to deal with issues from customers whether it was their order being made wrong, needing a refund, etc. I learned how to appropriately handle the situation in a proper, polite manner without further upsetting the customer and directed them to higher up management if needed. 

Are you in another servers' staff, if so where:
No, I am not staff in any other servers.

What timezone are you living in:
I am currently living in the EST timezone.

How much time can you spend daily on watching over the server:
I do have an outside job; however, usually I am done with my job around 2p-3p EST so I'd be able to spend the rest of my afternoon/evening moderating the server. On my days off, I would be able to spend longer on the server ranging from early morning to late afternoon / late afternoon to late evening. 

Somebody's overusing capslock on the chat - what do you do:
Politely ask them to refrain from overusing capslock, if they proceed to ignore my verbal warnings I would warn them one last time before warning them if they proceed after the third time they will earn a /tempmute. I would refer them to read the /rules and if they continue to ignore the rules after their tempmute it would extend to a slightly longer mute before turning into a permanent mute if necessary. 

Somebody's begging for rankup - what do you do:
If someone is begging for rankup, I would politely refer them to the "How to get building ranks" tab under the "/help"  command where it will tell them how to get rankup and how to request for one. I'll also refer them to the "sightseeing" tab so they can explore worlds to get inspiration as to what staff that judge builds may be looking for, especially if they are seeking a certain rank. 

However, if the player continues to beg for rankup after continuing to ignore the advice given and/or warnings they will be given a /tempmute. If they continue to beg after their tempmute is up their tempmute will turn into a permanent mute if they do not refrain from begging. 

Something about yourself, it doesn't have to be long:
I've been playing on Aliquam since 2016; however my activity has come and gone but I've been playing more and more frequently because I love how nice the community is and how there's little to no toxicity in the server. I've undergone numerous in-game name changes over the years but lately I've stuck with KingBelenus. 

If there's ever a time where I'm going to be inactive on the server for an extensive period of time, I will make sure to inform all staff members as necessary so it's not looked at badly as if I had abandoned the server. However, most of my inactivity won't extend longer than at most 2 weeks--especially during the summer months if I'm going on vacation and won't have my computer nearby. Though if needed, I'll still monitor the Discord server as needed. However, I will make sure to keep communication open so there is no accidental "ghosting".
With the majority of the staff votes you've been approved for recruitment! Congratulations! We will contact you regarding the next step of recruitment.
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