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Title: Give me second chance
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  about 1-2 years ago I was banned for being uncultivated. I was using a lot of bad words. It was one of the worst days in my life and when i went to the server, I've got annoyed by someone and it was like a bomb. I was cursing a lot and I know that I deserved a ban that day. But now I'm completely different person. I think I'm more mature than those days and I don't get angry from any reason. I can calm down and I know that using bad words and cursing is not the solution.

  Please, let me try one more time, I want to come back to bulding things in Minecraft and aliquam is one of the best servers I have ever played on. I had Builder rank there, a lot of friends and I remember that there was fantastic atmosphere. I promise that I will never destroy it, just give me the second chance Smile
should'nt you have read the rules
I knew about them but then i was angry and I was also provocated, long story
We've decided you deserve a second chance after almost a year of being banned. Please note that we're going to look exceptionally on your behaviour and if you'll return to trolling, you'll be banned back immediately.

Enjoy your stay! There are lots of things that changed here during the last year. Please read our brand-new rules and visit /help if you have any problems.

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