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Title: Crazy Idea To Improve Morale and Good Behaviour
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So I don't know how difficult this would be to develop, but tonight the players, Umka and myself were talking about cookies and how awesome it would be to use them as a reward system. Maybe, have them displayed by our names in TAB. Again not sure what your capabilities are.

To avoid discrimination only staff could give out cookies.
Cookies would be given out for:
  • Welcoming new players
  • Being helpful to other players
  • Participating in staff ran build-offs
  • Participation in any other future contests
  • And anything else staff feels like they could use the encouragement for (such as our younger players being proud of finishing a project that otherwise goes unrecognized)
Of course cookies would be taken away - maybe with a message like "That's the way the cookie crumbles". Cookie count cannot be less than 0.

Cookies could be lost for: 
  • Getting a system warn
  • Arguing with staff
  • Provoking other players
  • Or otherwise causing contention in chat that lowers morale.
Cookies would reset on the first of each month and the player with the most cookies the previous month, will have a special title for the month. Maybe something like "CookieKeeper", or "GoodCookie", or "AliquamCookie", or "TopCookie". I don't know, that will take some brain storming to come up with an appropriate title. To keep morale up a player can only have the title for one consecutive month. So if they have it in January they can't have it in February, but can have it again in March.

At the end of the month when the cookies are reset they would be converted into AlqDollars, so maybe 1 cookie = 1$.

Again, as you're well aware I don't know anything about the complexity of coding a new plugin, but we feel this would encourage players to be more cooperative and more a part of the community. Thank you for your time with reading this through and your consideration.
This would be so amazing! <3 I'm all for this idea if it's possible, I know nothing about coding, but it would be really cool to try out. I think it could really work!
Looks like a great idea to me! I as well haven't coded much in mine craft plugins, but the idea would theoretically be a relatively simple one to implament, and very effective as well! I hope this happens!
Great idea, but there are still some problems, like if everyone says "Welcome [username], is it cookies to all? What if it starts a spam fest, or if someone tells a mod "This happened when you were off, where's my cookie", can we check the logs? Arguments may erupt, like "I want my cookie!"

That is true...sad, but true...maybe there'd be rules involved where logs had to be checked before the cookie was given if staff wasn't on when said thing happened. Maybe have someone ss it and send it in?? There'd be lots of issues, sadly, nothing's perfect...but it'd be a good incentive Smile
it would be something only given out when staff is online to avoid that trouble, and begging for them would then need to result in a deduction.

And it's brain storming still about it and what would be worth a reward or not. Nothing is official of course.
All late but I think this would be a great idea! Smile
Quote:or if someone tells a mod "This happened when you were off, where's my cookie", can we check the logs? Arguments may erupt, like "I want my cookie!"
I think a good argument against this would be: Do the right thing when no one is looking!
Quote:Maybe, have them displayed by our names in TAB
For this, I was thinking maybe something like:
The AC standing for AliquamCookies?
(This would show up in TAB)
I've consulted this with Administration Board and most of the things we see with this idea are problems.

a) People will complain. "Why didn't I get the cookie, and X got one?! I want a cookie!" or "Why did I lose my cookie? I was a good player, did one mistake and you're taking my cookies away?!" will be a daily standard. Also, people will complain about not getting cookies while staff isn't around... and getting around it by providing screenshots of good behaviour doesn't seem to be a good idea.

b) Staff training. It will take LOTS of time to prepare cookie-giving rules. What to give cookies for? Where's the barrier? Who should get cookies? That will be a big, big problem, and those rules would need to be formalised; in short, we would need to write official cookie-giving rules set, because a).

c) Name. Administration Board feels that the name has to be more serious, because players will become confused and/or will start to joke around with it. The name "Karma" was proposed during the discussion.

Quote:(This would show up in TAB)
TAB is already big when you have a staff member as a friend. Adding cookies count to it would clutter it even further. And before you ask about that yellow "zero": We already have plans for that.

I'm personally very positive about this idea, but those are our biggest concerns about it that have to be resolved before I'll start working on the plugin.
i might be late, but i think it would be good if these cookies were instead of rewards for behaviour, but a plot rating system, like if someone likes your plot they could type in a command or something and your plot gets a cookie, and there could be a reward for the plot with the most cookies by the end of the month as Takkita said.
If you can take advantage of a situation in some way, it's your duty to do it. Why should everything  always be to the swift, or the jumble or the quick-witted? should they be allowed to win merrily because of the gifts god gave them? well i say "cheating is the gift man gives himself!"

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