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Title: Voxel + W/E commands
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Fellow builders, HELLO!

I thought I might share my notes about Voxel + W/E commands. Its really handy!! Everything is shown and explained below:
There is also a list of biomes you might be interested in: http://i.imgur.com/MFxEMKe.png   

Leave any tips and comments below and enjoy!!  Tongue
[Image: UxOtRhe.png]
Thank you <3 This is very helpful.
I support prejudice equality, everybody gets shit.

[Image: zEBXY6A.gif]
Hmm, I tried to use //br sphere 2 5 but I got the error: You are not permitted to do that. Are you in the right mode? I also tried //brush sphere and /brush sphere.

Pretty much everything except //replace and //overlay so far has given me that error. Is it something I'm doing wrong? I'm new to WorldEdit since I prefer to build one block at a time, but building a mountain will look more natural with world edit's sphere brush.

Edit: solved - I don't have enough rank to use the brushes yet. But can use VoxelSniper for 24hrs whenever I vote. - for people who may have the same question Wink
Wow, really helpful list. Thanks!
Nice trick with //mask >2. Didn't know about that Big Grin

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