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Title: DatBoiSolo Ban Appeal.
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Hello. Most will now me as DatBoiSolo, or Solo_Frog, or heck even Chyztoothgaming. Now for this appeal I was going to put on some big show like a comic strip, or a poem, but I just want to keep it simple.

I got banned from this server on 20/8/16 for Griefing. I didn't grief on purpose, sometimes, my brain does some stupid thing without asking me before doing it. Even worse, I did it late at night so I wasn't able to get a chance to fix it. Aliquam is a great server, and was the only thing I really did on Minecraft. After being banned, I didn't really know what to do, I didn't play Minecraft that much, and when I did I was just looking for another server to play.

It took me weeks of putting this ban appeal off, before realising my mistake. I understand what I have done wrong, and would love to get a second chance for my actions.

So like I have said, I'm sorry, I just want to make some awesome stuff.

Lots of dank memes,
Due to the fact that griefing is one of the worst thing you could do on creative server and the ban is relatively recent,  your appeal has been denied.
Best regards,

[Image: ALQBlackWF.svg]
Server Co-owner | Public Relations Manager

Contact me @ Discord: Feriach#5440

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