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Title: Hiya!
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Hello, you can either call me by my user on here, or Nams :--). I recently found out about Aliquam on PMC, once I got on, I instantly became attached. Filipino is my mother-tongue, so apologies if my grammar may be incorrect. 

I'm extremely fond of jazz (and k-pop! don't judge me Tongue), but I'm open to many different genres, hit me up with some
suggestions, please! My playlist could always use the variety. Anything that deals with editing, be it either with videos or pictures, is a part of my interests, I rarely post the videos though. Let's see...I'm also a fan of CowChop, check them out, they're particularly interesting. I'm an INFP-T, if that adds to anything :-).

Other than that, I should probably end this now, any more and I'll probably bore you (who's to say I didn't already? lol)
- Adios!
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Hey there, welcome to the community!
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Hello and welcome! We're so happy to have you ^^
Late welcome, but it's still a welcome! ;D

What do you think of this?
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