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Title: "I have the right to appeal, a natural right."
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"I have the right to appeal, a natural right, do not throw this away as if it was a used tissue."

Hello old friends! Great to see the server is more popular than ever and that some of the OG staff that I remember back from 2015 is still kickin' and doing good.

I'm starting off this ban appeal by saying, yes, 2015. Please keep this in mind!

My OG name while I was playing on your server I think was... MeaghKittens or Meaghie. I do not remember fully, but those were the two options I remember the most during the 2015 era. I know around then I changed my name from MeaghannKitty to one of those two. Anyways,

2015 was a bad year. Not meaning to pity case, but a lot went down personally and around my school. I dunno, I transferred schools and had, like I said, personal issues, so little 12 year old me didn't know how to handle anything at that given time and moment. I would get angry easy, pout, pity case, you name it. But it was 2015. I was 12.

What can you expect?

Over the years I 100% accepted my ban. Okay? I /was/ being toxic at times. But... not always. I really had my heart on staff, I don't know why, I knew I couldn't handle it, but I strove for it anyways. When a kid would need help, I would try and one up staff and answer before them. Again, I dunno why I did so. So I gave examples to people who got a warning for spam or whatnot what they did wrong and how to improve and avoid the situations they had just been in. 

Again, I'm bringing this up for example reasons. Takkita was constantly warning me or muting me. I honestly don't know if it was a grudge, but I don't have anything against them anymore. It's just a minor observation that the things that didn't really harm anyone that could just be a verbal warning, they warned me for or muted me. People like Mina would tell me once before about what I was doing, then warn; if it was bad enough, warn on the spot. That's how it should have been done. I do not think my ban was entirely fair, but that's okay. I'm again just pointing this out to give proof to why I thought so.

Getting to my main point, I was an inconsiderate 12 year old who just wanted to be someone that others looked up to. Should I have gone through those steps of negativity and nagging on the other staff? No. Did I know any better? No.

Now being the ripe old age of 14 and going into high school this year, I really think that I do deserve another chance. Even a one strike and you're out deal could be put in place.

I know I made a ban appeal before, but I was mostly ranting then. Now, I am asking for an honest second chance on the server. I find myself at times missing how there was a rank up system like I haven't seen before on building servers. I do admire that set up, not going to lie.

Please take the time to read this and consider unbanning me. My current name on minecraft is Meaghann, if you decide to remove the ban.

If you decide not to, please state below so I can know what the server said I did wrong. Maybe I can use it to make sure situations like this never happen again.

Thank you,
The senior staff has discussed your appeal and it has been determined you will remain banned. You have displayed such toxic behaviours in the past and refused to learn after a multitude of opportunities. You have only shown you are incapable of accepting responsibility for your actions - blaming your behaviour on your age (we have many players who have grown up on Aliquam and have not had issues with following the guidelines and staff direction) as well as outright blaming staff for your issues.

I appreciate you are trying. But we need to see a turn around more so than you have demonstrated over these past months before we will consider an appeal. If you can maintain a healthy active social status on our discord server: http://discord.aliquam.org/ we may consider another appeal in three months.

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