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Title: I need help with statues!
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Heya! I'm Cestroneus and I need help with my project.

/About the project:

My goal is to make a Demacian citadel (From League of Legends). My project hasn't started yet properly, but I need some help with statues because I'm really bad at making them.
I'm trying to figure out what the citadel will look like and I've already picked my building materials, but I can't really design the citadel if I dont have the most important pieces of the throne room: Statues.
Here's a picture what I want to make.

[Image: 73773d476b2770abba8cda5c37afc43c.jpg]
The statues don't have to be that huge and I prefer under 75 blocks high statues, but they should be recognizable and they should have the sword and the same position (if possible).
The bigger statues aren't that important, but I really need those smaller ones if I want to make this citadel.
If you have time, if you know how to make statues and you want to help me, send me a private message! :)

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