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Title: Hello
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Hello and Thank you.

My name is Peter, My online Identy is Eujisan. Most call me Euji. I am 48, father of 3 boys and 1 girl ranging from 21 to 3. I am a disabled Veteran, so I am a stay at home dad. I am Married to a wonderful lady, we've been together for 10 years now and still love to see each other every day. Minecraft is my Go to game i'm always on. My second go to thing is Tai Chi. I like to use the Conquest Reforged Mod. I play alot on twitch. I don't broadcast. its easier for me to change my mods and try different things. I am an explorer/builder. i haven't built anything online yet. hoping i can get inspired to build. i like the styles of Jeracraft. he is one of my favorite builder.
Welcome! We're happy to have you Smile
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