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Title: ban appeal
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ok first things first. i just want to address that the reason i'm using an ALT account on the forums is because the email i used on my first account has been deleted.

IGN: AwesomeAustin64
Date of Ban: 2016-3-26
Banned by: Feriach
Reason: harassing other players; provoking griefing; bypassing censor; spamming

From what i can remember i had a disagreement with another player over a redstone build which caused us not to be friends anymore. after the disagreement i forgot to unlist them from my plot and they griefed it. i swore them out with caps and was just a jerk to them. causing a long history between us. they would say mean things to me and i would retaliate with chat spam and caps and all that. i also owned a town and would always invite new players to it right as they joined. they would then grief it i would complain and staff would have to deal with it because i never thought that new people that just joined maybe didn't know the server rules yet or want to be spammed with invites to a city (shocker i know). 

The reason why i want to be unbanned is because the server is great from what i remember. instead of small plots i would get a giant world and voting had great rewards.

The reason why i think i should be unbanned is because I've matured much more. 2 years ago i was an insecure brat who would only think about them self because those were the kind of people i was surrounded by. but now that i've separated myself from those people and learned that the ways i was acting made me look bad I've been doing much better and i think that everyone on the server needs to see me as who i really am and not who i tried to be.
Your appeal has been accepted and you are now unbanned. Enjoy your time on the server and please follow the rules.
Best regards,
[Image: ALQBlackWF.svg]
Server Co-owner | Public Relations Manager

Contact me @ Discord: Feriach#5440

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