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Title: Aliquam wants your Input!
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Hello, denizens of Aliquam!
We want to hear from you!

We love our community, and we want to make sure that you love it too! So we are asking YOU to give us some ideas for what we can do to make Aliquam even more enjoyable!

No ideas are bad ideas! Feel free to share anything you would like to see added, changed or removed, and we will take those ideas, review them, and (possibly) use them to improve the server and make a better Aliquam for everyone!

Just reply to this thread with your idea, or PM me on Discord @ Maxrazorwin#5506 
Thank you for your help, and for being a part of our awesome community!
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Admin | Staff Manager

Contact me @ Discord: Maxrazorwin#5506
Hello Fellas!

I don't have the best ideas but they're what i could think of after i did some research of suggestions that had been used or rejected.

Please take note that all of these suggestions will rely on the server's conditions

1.Building competitions
Contests and competitions are fun things! people always enjoy being evolved in fun, I don't say it should be weekly or monthly but maybe seasonal or on holidays
The details of this is up to the staff.

2.Coloured staff
This is a cosmetic suggestion, Every staff rank has it's own colour, the staff members could have their nicknames in the same colour as their rank
Owner (Rank colour)
Jr.Mod (Rank colour)
Assistant (Rank colour) etc.
(Idk what all the ranks colours are)

3.More whattobuild
This has been already suggested here but i didn't see a response and i think this is a good suggestion

4.Vote top rewards
Now this isn't the best but this is the last thing i could think of, Top voters of the month could get a reward (I'm not sure what it could be that's up to you).

I tried my best to think of new ideas, However i might comeback later and do another post if i get any better ideas.

Best of lucks!

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