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Title: Ban Appeal *Important!*
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hi, i was wrongly banned on 2019-04-18 for "trying to lag the server." i am a very active member on your server and i believe this ban was wrongful because all i did was type in the wrong command and suddenly i'm banned. it was an accident. the ban has made me very depressed. please unban me, and when you do i will show you why it is right to unban me. i will help new players and do my best to make everyone happy, i'll even apply for staff once the current staff understands my situation. love you guys  Heart

p.s. i haven't played minecraft since my ban and all of my friends on the server are wondering where i am, i don't want to put a bad name on the server's administrators by telling them i was wrongly banned.

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Considering that you completely filled your world from bedrock to ceiling with lava, then requested everyone to come to your world. Your ban will not be lifted at this time.

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