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Title: More options for weather!
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Hello! I'm Igu (IGN is Mister_Twist), and I came up with this idea while building on the server...
More options for weather!
Yes... Ever wanted to add more ambiance to your build? Weather options would be ideal! Currently, there are these following options available for weather on the server:

Sun, Rain and Storm (and Normal, which is the same as defeault weather, random variations between the 3)

Now these might be well for some builds, but others require certain types of weather. New weather options might be Snow (for all biomes), Fog (taken from rain/storm but without the clouds and rain themselves) or Cloudy (taken from rain/storm but without the rain and/or fog). I know this would require some plugins/modding/coding but it would be an amazing addition!

[Image: 9XhvO58.png]
Fresh and Twisty


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