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Title: Som's Ban Appeal
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I was banned permanently without warning for my nickname. I have been building on this server with my current nickname without issue for at least 1 year (June 2018) without any warning or confrontation about my nickname. In fact I have never once had any prior discussions with anyone on the server regarding my nickname. Yet today, I was banned permanently for it? This does not seem very reasonable since I; A. Was not warned about it whatsoever, B. I have had 0 issues with anyone, C. I have yet to ever be punished for breaking rules on this server in the past. I would like to get back to building so please reconsider my permanent ban.

Furthermore, I fail to see exactly which rule my nickname breaks? I am not propagating any views of "communism, fascism, racism, nationalism etc" (as directly quoted from the rule book) in my nickname. My nickname does not refer to any one group being better or worse than any other group, nor does it make any direct attachments to a political stance of any sort. Any extrapolation or interpretation of my nickname in such a manner is out of my hands and strictly subjective to the individual reading it. Any connection made to a political ideology and my nickname is both arbitrary and indirect. My nickname does not vilify or bully any other group and it does not claim the superiority of any group. So I would also like to make the argument I did not break any rules. So not only has my nickname NEVER caused an issue, but it also is not in violation of any rules.
Why you weren't banned in the first place is in and of itself a mystery to me, but it is most likely that staff just haven't seen you playing with that username before. And if they did they probably didn't understand the meaning behind it. On Aliquam inappropriate and controversial names are not given a warning to secure the integrity of our playerbase. Once your name has been changed to more appropriately fit our guidelines you may appeal on here to be unbanned and you will be able to return to your work.

This is not a slight towards you, just a cautionary measure that is taken against all players with controversial and inappropriate gaming tags.

Please change the name and reappeal your ban.
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