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Title: Staff application; JrMod
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- Nickname: Epibreerder02
- Why you should be in our staff: I would very much like to be staff on this server. I am a very active
player and can contribute a lot of time into minecraft and especially this server. I personally think
that the server has a great community and I would love to contribute to that, either by cleaning it up
or interacting with others, or rather both of course.
- Experience if any: I have been senior moderator on a relatively small (20-30 players online)
(and now dead) Dutch server called FunnyCraft for just under a year.
- Are you in another servers' staff, if so where: No I am currently not in any staff team.
- What timezone are you living in: CET+1, GMT+2 (I believe so, AMS time)
- How much time can you spend daily on watching over the server: Easily 3 hours on Monday-Friday,
in the weekends easily 5 hours.
- Somebody's overusing capslock on the chat - what do you do: That would very much depend on the rules
the server has about capslock. If there also were an option just like the swearblock plugin to not see
capslock, then that too would affect my decision. If those are not to be counted I would see how much capslock said
person would be using. If it is indeed chat-filling or all-round too much, then I would give them a
verbal warning to stop using so much caps lock. If after that they keep using excessive capitalisation
I would /warn them. If they still keep going I would /mute them for as long as the punishment for too
much capslock is.
- Somebody's begging for rankup - what do you do: I would firstly politely decline the 'requests'. If
they were to keep going then I would ignore the requests. If they were to spam while begging then I
would warn them for that.
- Something about yourself, it doesn't have to be long: I am a boy from the Netherlands, like building
and playing mc, enjoy reading and rowing.
- Additional: I am certified in English with a Cambridge FCE certificate.
With the majority of the staff votes you've been approved for recruitment! Congratulations! We will contact you regarding the next step of recruitment.
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